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A lightweight Pizza Steel designed and manufactured in the USA, to achieve authentic Brooklyn Style Pizza in your home oven. Our U.S. Patent Pending Design allows for the perfect heat conductivity and heat retention with a handle while allowing it to be lightweight and easy to use.




  • The lightweight is less likely to cause oven racks to sag.
  • The dimensions of the steel allow for the ambient temperature to be reached quicker. Approx. 25-30mins which equates to additional energy saving. 
  • When the cooking process is complete, the design of steel cools down quicker for removal and storage.
  • The U.S. Patent Pending Octagonal shape facilitates better convective flow of hot air around the edges of the steel which results in a crispier crust.
  • The handle allows for easy maneuverability from storage to use and vise versa.
  • The design of the steel fits comfortably within most ovens which minimizes movement.




The Original Brooklyn Pizza Steel™

    • U.S. Patent Pending 
    • Made in the USA.
    • High Grade Carbon Steel.
    • 100% Chemical Free Surface and Seasoned with Grapeseed Oil. 
    • Product Weight 11LBS. 
    • Product Demensions 16" x 15" x 3/16" - Up to 15 inches of  cooking surface. 


    ***Slight suface scratches, variations, and blemishes on the product are 100% normal. This does not affect the cooking process in any way. You will notice a change in color after the first time use and that will continue over time. This is just developing a sign of love and unique patina. The steel is ready for you to preheat for 30mins then start cooking. YES... In the same time it takes to walk across The Brooklyn Bridge your pizza steel is ready to go.


    Care & Storage

    When the time comes to clean off built up residue and reseason, use a sponge or stiff brush with soap and warm water. Dry with a clean lint free cloth and apply grapeseed or canola oil to the surface. Then preheat for a minimum of 30 minutes at 400 degrees before use and store in a dry place.


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