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Pizza stone. What’s a pizza stone? You mean you want a Pizza Steel.

The pizza stone is long gone and those who are aware would even say, forgotten. And for those who bought one in the past, it’s most likely cracked by now. A pizza stone is definitely not a cost effective, most heat efficient, or the best way to achieve great homemade pizza in your home oven.

The repeated replacement of a pizza stone will add up to way more than purchasing a pizza steel one time, that could potentially last your whole life. A pizza stone cannot absorb or retain the amount of heat necessary to create a crispy crust like a pizza steel can. Being that the stone is porous, you really need to be picky with what you use to clean it. And, like I said earlier, it cracks fairly easy due to the drastic changes in temperature. Great. I'm glad I've talked you out of it. So, now we're going to get to the solution which is to fuhgettabout a pizza stone all together. We are passionate to have you achieve the best in home oven pizza possible, that is why we are giving you all the tools necessary.

What is the best way to achieve homemade pizza in your home oven?

The answer is, “The Original Brooklyn Pizza Steel™️”. A 100% chemical free, light weight design made from high grade carbon steel, 3/16” thick and only 11 lbs. A convenient handle for mobility, proper heat absorption and retention, that turns your home oven into a pizza makers dream. This makes it possible for you to achieve authentic Brooklyn, New York Style Pizza in your home, wherever that might be. Just watch this time lapse of how in eight minutes, you can create this masterpiece. "The Proof is in the pie™"!

We hope that you can have this experience with all of your family and friends to share the love and appreciation for each other, and pizza! Thank you, for letting us, "Steel Your Heart™".

See the amazing results here in our image gallery or visit our product page.


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